As I’m going through portfolio samples preparing my new website, I’m reminded of one of my favorite cover designs. Last year, I designed The Art of Making Gelato with The Book Shop, Ltd. for Race Point Publishing. The cover concepts started with a desire to conjure thoughts of old, European gelato shops. But as the brand of the partnering Gelato Shop (Morano Gelato) became more clear to us, we moved towards a more rustic feel (as you can see from the final cover image featuring reclaimed wood from an old Massachusetts barn for my photoshoot). Still wanting to pay homage to the traditional approach to making authentic gelato, I struck a balance. While the end product successfully feels european (and a bit fancy) and locally rustic at the same time, I can’t help but still love the early cover concepts. This is often the case. I love revisiting early covers and remembering the process. These books take a long time to make. A lot of rejected images and file remain at the end. sometimes, I like to scoop ‘em up and tuck them away for later.