Latest Obsession. Newest Possession. 

I’ve been dabbling in sketching and drawing digitally. I love my Wacom tablet, but the disconnect between the drawing surface and the “canvas” isn’t ideal for me. Enter the iPad. I’ve been drawing a lot on the tablet now that apps are becoming more powerful, more intuitive, and allow for more creativity. Now that I have the arsenal of apps I love, the tools in my hand were lacking. 

After a bit of research, I came across the Cosmonaut. I kept overlooking feeling like it was a silly oversized, gimmicky tool designed for aesthetic purposes only. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the design of it…the packaging…all of it!) Or maybe, it was only for little hands…for kids. “How could that wide tip give me any amount of accuracy?”

I rolled the dice and ordered one on Amazon…not available in stores, of course. It arrived last night. I tore open the package and started using it. I’M IN LOVE!!!! After only a few minutes getting used to the size of it, I found that it has a firm drawing tip….best I’ve used so far. It is a little bulky to see around when getting right down to some detail work. But not enough to count as a drawback. The weight of it is perfect. I know everyone wants stuff to be lighter and smaller these days. But, for the same reasons that I like a heavier phone or camera, I always feel like weighty tool help me keep a steady hand. I agree with the developers of the Cosmonaut, Studio Neat, about what a stylus should be. So many styli out there are thin like a pen. But you don’t use a stylus like a pen. The low fidelity of a stylus is more like that of a magic marker or dry-erase marker. In a lot of apps, we still can’t rest our palm. we hold these things like markers. A marker shape makes the most sense…for me, at least.

Enough prattling on, I should be drawing. Check it out!