Book Club in the Park!

On June 22, we had the pleasure of joining some amazing kids for a Shocks book club in Central Park. The very special people from Freedom Foundation and RATCo are visiting NYC this week.

Freedom Foundation (from Selma, AL) is a group of remarkable volunteers that are committed to seeing the next generation have a good chance at life. The organization is completely volunteer-based, and is run by people who want to help develop, educate, train, encourage and assist the next generation. FF accompanied the young people of RATCo (Random Acts of Theatre Company) from Selma, AL and Denver, CO to New York City.  RATCo goes all out to empower young people – no matter their background, economic status, physical ability, race or ethnicity – by teaching teamwork, self-expression, and the value of giving back.

During this trip to NY, these kids have been reading The Thousand Natural Shocks. And last night we got the chance to sit and talk to them about, not just Charles Siskin’s story, but theirs as well. 

There are incredible kids with spirit and passion that left us completely charmed and inspired! Thanks you so much to RATCo for making us a part of your trip! Can’t wait for your performance tonight!


“This is my new favorite book!”
-Miranda (Denver, CO)