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A Little Musical Inspiration for the Day

The studio is full of music today! I love music discovery...especially something like this.

At Least For Now  by Benjamin Clementine

At Least For Now by Benjamin Clementine

It's a little quirky in places, and a lot beautiful everywhere. I stumbled upon him when I heard "Nemesis" on TV and Shazam'd it! Hooked! Love him and his music...clearly influenced by another favorite of mine, Nina Simone. Give is a try, you won't be sorry. Beautiful and all the inspiration I need to get through a lot of design work today!

Learn to Draw

As a kid, one of my most favorite things in the world were my learn-to-draw books. I mean, Ed Emberley! Right?!

As the Art Director for Cantata Learning, I seized and opportunity to illustrate their first series of drawing books. Not only were they Cantata's first learn-to-draw books, they were mine too. It was a little daunting, but an insanely fun project working with our Editor/Author for these books, Blake. This was not a typical book project where I could just await a manuscript with art notes. Nope. Since I was inventing the instructions that readers would use, I worked with Blake every "step" along the way. Get it? Step? Step-by-step? Forget it.

Also, since Cantata Learning books are set to music, we had to work together to make sure that the steps made for good text to make for good music. Super collaborative process...tons of fun.

A few weeks ago...samples arrived! This was such a great experience, they WON'T be my last drawing books!


Even more fun...this weekend I got to bust out a few sample for the kiddos as a party. Few things fill me with more hope and inspiration than watching future artists go for it!

A little inspiration

A friend and fellow illustrator just turned me on to Maggie Rogers. I love this song! This video!