2nd Annual HeroCon at the Dalton School in New York, NY. So excited to be invited to be a panel speaker and rock a workshop with the insanely cool Raakhee Mirchandani. This year's theme was "Everyday Heroism" and intersectionality. The day started off amazingly with a discussion with some crazy talented authors, illustrators and publishers for an audience of some of the coolest kids (and their parents). I was fortunate enough to share the stage with Raakhee Mirchandani ("Super Satya Saves the Day"), Tom Angleberger ("The Strange Case of Origami Yoda"), Victoria Jamieson ("Roller Girl"), Adam Gidwitz ("So You Want To Be a Jedi"), and Cheryl & Wade Hudson ("We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices"). Then it was off to our individual workshops. Raakhee and I tag-teamed "Super Stories and Storyboarding", teaching kids the ins and outs of concerting and organizing your own story. To my surprise and delight, these kids kinda got into storyboarding! What?! In fact, my new pal Ishan was on to a seriously sweet story about an "above average photographer" starting a nature photography club. The story arc was an emotional journey centered around club recruitment and belonging to a group of peers. On the way out the door later that day, he told me he was going home to finish his storyboard. Not gonna lie, it was more than I can handle. I love my job. LOVE MY JOB.