One of the most fun parts of my A.D. role at Cantata Learning is conceiving the cover image before handing off the briefing to the artists. The process is simple. I devour the manuscript and try to "see" images from the book, that also WON'T appear in the book already. (For few seasons, we using interior art to fashion a cover. Onc ewe expanded the scope of work for the artists to include the cover, we had a real opportunity to create something special for every book.) I share my sketches with myths Editor and we discuss if this image is the right "face of the book". sometimes, I'll go back and resketch a couple times to get it just right. From there, I hand it off tot he artist along with the manuscript handsome production guidelines. We work with such amazing artists that I always encourage them to take me concept and play with it. "My sketch is just a road map."

Here are some examples of the Fall 2018 cover concept sketches with their final covers!

@Cantata Learning

illustrated by Marco Guadalupi

Illustrated by Joanie Stone

Illustrated by Tanja Stevanovic

Illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino

Illustrated by Glenn Thomas

Illustrated by Sara Torretta


illustrated by Aviel Basil