Last weekend was incredible!!! The Bharat Babies team and I had a very special story time and book signing at one of my most favorite places in the world...the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art! Book signings are fun, but this was especially moving for me. The Carle is such an inspiring place with so many of my illustration heroes on the gallery walls and the bookshelves. I was a lucky guys this weekend to be part of it.

It's so crazy exciting to see my books in this gift shop!!!

The Reading Library! Author extraordinaire, Amy Maranville read our first Bharat Babies book, Hanuman and the Orange Sun. As BB's flagship book and my first illustration project with the indie publisher, this book is INCREDIBLY special. I couldn't have been more proud to see the kids' excited faces as the pages turned! 

As an added little surprise (to the kids and to me), I did a little drawing demo. Luckily, I'd brought some drawing sheets for the kids to follow along! I'll confess, I was little nervous. But I think it went well. More than well, actually. It was a really special moment to watch the kids drawing along. Nothing is more sweet than kids making art. There's video...but it 's not gonna happen on this post. ;-)

The one and only OJO drawing her pal Hanuman! Ssshhhh, Ojo, MAY have been the inspiration for the Bharat Babies first main character, Harini.

After we were all drawn out, it was book signing time!

Another surprise that still has me a little emotional was "The Caterpillar Book". Our amazing hosts at the Carle asked us to sign "the book". The Caterpillar Book has been signed by all the authors and illustrators that have been to the Carle. This book (Volume 6, so far) has been signed and drawn in by some of my personal heroes. It was incredibly humbling and exciting and wonderful. With a shaking hand, I left a mark of my name and Hanuman Dada's handsome mug!. (Even typing this part of the post is getting me a little misty. Seriously, an incredible moment!

The Caterpillar Book!

The day was magic...and not just for the fun of book signing and being a part of something so sweet. To be with the Bharat Babies team, my husband, my Dad and friends who totally surprised me when they walked in the door (The Carle is a pretty good drive from home) made it all the better. So much love and inspiration on one little ol' Saturday afternoon.

A few "Bharat Babies": Me, Sailaje Joshi (our fearless leader and the visionary making books with diversity happen, Amy Maranville (The brilliant author), and Megan Boshuyzen (The one that make so much happen)

That thing where your Dad (a.k.a. "Big Time") endures many hours on the highway and wears one of school ties to come to your book signing.

The Husband

Surprise guest stars, JoJo and Bren!

The day was not without a few extra special moments, too!

He doesn't know I snapped this pic. But seeing my Dad in the Carle gallery made my heart swell!

Oh, did I not mention this? The day started with a couple of legends! Just before our story time and book signing, we had the insane pleasure of attending a talk with Phantom Tollbooth geniuses Norton Juster (R) and Jules Feiffer (L). I can't tell you how crazy it was to follow this act! They were hilarious and inspiring and completely wonderful!!!!!