Bharat Babies is a Boston-based publisher and consumer products company. Their mission is simple: design and produce developmentally appropriate books that tell children's stories about India's Heritage. (By the way, I TOTALLY lifted that from their site. I wanted to make sure I got he mission right since the work they do is SO important...and lovely)

Hanuman cover-new.jpg

When I was tapped by the wonderful folks at Bharat Babies, it was to illustrate their very first book Hanuman and the Orange Sun. This book featured the delightful character of a little girl named Harini. She just MAY have been modeled by the Publisher's daughter, of the cutest kids I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I'm happy to say that the character of Harini caught on and ushered readers through a series of other stories published in the years since. It was an insanely wonderful compliment to hear from the publisher, Sailaja, that I'd captured her daughter's spirit and character with my scribbles! Delighted to get the call to draw Harini in her next tale, Let's Celebrate Diwali! Here's the cover and a peep at few pages:

Diwali Cover-2.jpg
Diwali 2-3 withtext.jpg
Diwali 10-11.jpg
Diwali 26-27.jpg

Drawing this book about how Harini and her friends at school share stories about how they and their families celebrate Diwali was a blast. Loved it! These kids are so sweet. And Ojo...sorry, Harini is quiet the little party host! When Sailaja and her family shared these portraits with me recently, I was over the moon! So amazing to see Ojo and Harini together!

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Ack!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!

And last week I found out that my Let's Celebrate Diwali days were NOT over! The book is already in reprints and the team wanted to celebrate THAT with a brand new cover! The Bharat Babies Design Extraordinaire asked me to bring some of Harini's classmates to the cover. I took this as an opportunity to introduce a new title treatment to fit the new art and the BB overarching branding.  Ready? Here's the new cover! Hooray!

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Be on the lookout for so much great Bharat Babies stuff! And check out their site.