Latest poster design. My husband's students are in rehearsals for the annual Spring Review. Time to get the show art and poster going. The original concept was a very rough, painterly treatment of the word love. Sometimes you know right away if a design's going to work. I knew in minutes to try something else. Round 2 happened fast....with just a few changes in direction. Keeping the painted stone texture, I went with a "shape" and form that was more graphically sharp and playful. This mass of swirling textured bubbles feel like a living, breathing thing with lots of energy. Whether you see paint splatters or rose petals, I hope it feels "love"ly to you. Final poster is officially ready for production....I hope the kids like it!

Version 1 of the "LOVE" art treatment.

Version 2 of the "LOVE" art evolved quickly. The first one just didn't come together for me.

Final poster design

UPDATE! The swell art department at Lynn English High School reproduced my poster design as a huge banner for the cafeteria!