I'm not gonna lie. Whether I art directed, designed, produced, or illustrated a book, I am always super excited about that day that my samples arrive! Days like today are extra special. As the Art Director for Cantata Learning, I art direct, design and produce anywhere from 35 to 50 books per pub season....twice a year! Today, the entire Cantata Learning Fall 2016 set of books landed at my doorstep...50 books! There's so much to be excited about here. But, I'll confess, I'm most excited to see 4 books in particular. This season, I also illustrated a 4-book series of books about where animals live...hee hee, and where they don't! Who Lives in a Tree? Who Lives by a Pond? Who Lives in a Cave? Who Lives Underground? Squeeee!!!!!


They're here!

Ah, the Queen Bee.

Watch those antlers, dude.