Sitting at the breakfast table yesterday with a couple of friends I pulled out a few cookbooks to flip through. One of them was "The World's Greatest Noodle Recipes" cookbook I designed with The Book Shop, Ltd. for Race Point a couple of years ago. (TIme really flies.) I have a terrible habit. Sometimes, when I receive samples of my work in the mail, I don't always spend a lot of time with them. It makes sense in some cases. Some book are such a  . . . let's call it a "labor of love" that when the samples arrive (even months later), I'm not always ready to dive back in. Sometimes, busy schedules take over. Sometimes, it's just nice to wait long enough that it feels almost nostalgic to look back at it. I think the might be the case here. I had a blast looking through these pages yesterday. I'm so proud of this book, especially after all of the work it took to pull it together. Also, I MIGHT just be inspired enough to make noodle this week! Check it out on this site.