Another press thrill has happened! NBC News just celebrated Let's Celebrate Diwali published by Bharat Babies, written by Anjali Joshi and written! Check out the article here.

It's a really exciting time for my pals at Bharat Babies. And it's so great that their stories are reaching such a huge audience. With the mission to design and produce developmentally appropriate books that tell children's stories about India's Heritage, BB is doing work that is so desperately needed these days. Now is a time to get to know each other globally. And any group of impassioned content creators doing just that through books for infants and elementary school-aged children, well, that's just awesome. In the case of this book, Bharat Babies Founder Sailaja Joshi,  saw the need to bring the magic and history of Diwali to very young ready that might not otherwise learn about it. 

We really wanted to focus on the fact that there is more than one religion that celebrates the holiday ... If you Google Diwali, you’ll see a Hindu holiday ... but it’s also celebrated by Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists.
— Sailaja Joshi

Sailaja N. Joshi, founder of Bharat Babies, reads "Padmini is Powerful" written by Amy Maryville and illustrated by Tim Palin from the publishing company's collection. lie, while I'm putting this blog post together, and wondering what the next exciting bit of news might be fore this book...I got word that our book popped up on the Reading Rainbow Facebook page! Hooray!!!

Now, here's a peep at Let's Celebrate Diwali published by Bharat Babies!