A 400-page cookbook of apple recipes? A fashion spread for your dog-centric magazine? An advertising campaign for your off-broadway production of Steel Magnolias? A complete brand identity for your teeth-whitening clinic? I bring the same level of passion, research, and design expertise to the table. Sure, the path to get there is different for every project, but we do reach an end result that's eye-catching and engaging. It's my motto to "make something every day"...and make it beautiful.  


Contracts! Timelines! Templates! Spreadsheets! I've always been a sucker for details and organization, which is funny having been a "creative type" my whole life. But maybe it's about balance. Exploring the expanses of art and creativity while managing deadlines and calendars seems to round out a project for me. So, whether it's managing all of the art, design and production of 50-100 picture books simultaneously or coordinating your branding agency's own branding, a soup-to-nuts project is a blast.


"You can't make a living drawing pictures" . . . can you? That's what I always thought. Well, after years and years of hiding my pencils and pads in boxes in a closet, I decided to challenge this theory. Guess what? I'm a working illustrator. And now, some mornings I wake up with one job for the day . . . make pictures of a hippopotamus climbing a tree . . . or . . . fill a book with pictures of kids taking their first yoga class . . . or draw a marching band of ants as they make their way across a meadow. It's one of those " love my job!" moments, and it feels great!